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Is the SKBoot considered carry-on?

We designed a bag that carries not only your ski/snowboard boots and helmet with ease, but also your ski gear. A bag containing ski boots and ski gear is generally above the weight recommended for carry-on.

The SKBoot is a semi-solid structure with strong protection properties. The SKBoot bag is designed to be “checked” and handles and corners of bags have been reinforced to prevent wearing and tearing.

Both the medium and large sized SKBoot bag fits within the dimensions specified by most airlines (42 in. (106 cm) for medium sized bag and 45 in. (115 cm) for the large bag) and goes through the x-ray machines, however, it may be too wide for some overhead lockers depending on how much is packed in it and depending on the airlines. The bag fits easily in some overhead lockers, particularly the larger planes used for overseas hauls.

If it doesn’t fit in the aircraft’s overhead locker, it may fit under the seat in front of you – again, depending on the airline. Our recommendation is that you “check” the SKBoot or check with your airline first.

Ultimately, unless you are traveling Business or First Class, we do not recommend the SKBoot bag as carry-on, but if you want to take your boots on board, you can carry them in the removable wet-pack with carry straps, and then put them back in your SKBoot bag when you arrive at your destination.

Can I fit my helmet in the SKBoot?

In most cases, yes, unless your boots and helmet are very large. Please view our product images to see how we recommend you pack your helmet with your boots.

Will my computer be safe in the laptop sleeve?

Yes, as the sleeve is padded and is protected by the “back” of the bag (which is a hard structure). However, to be entirely safe, we recommend that upon checking your bag, you remove the laptop sleeve and carry it with you on board as airlines are not responsible for damage caused to your computer during transit. Alternatively, make sure you have plenty of “padding” around the laptop sleeve in your bag.

What can I use to remove spots and marks on the SKBoot?

Just warm water and mild dishwashing detergent with a damp cloth.

Recommended weight guidelines for the SKBoot

The SKBoot bag is designed to carry not only ski boots and helmet, but also ski clothing and accessories, however, our warranty does not extend to where the weight of the bag exceeds 18 kilograms (40 pounds).

Recommendations to ensure the long life of your SKBoot

As the SKBoot bag is predominantly used as a ski boot bag, it is more than likely your bag will be exposed to rain or snow. Because of frequent use of the zipper component, it is highly recommended that before use, you spray the zippers (especially any metal parts) with a lubricant/protector/water-proofer such as WD40, or Jig-a-loo. This will protect the zipper from the elements and extend the life of the SKBoot bag.

How do you pronounce 'SKBoot?'

Like “Skdaddle”, “skaboot”

What are the dimensions of the SKBoot bag?

Measurements: 16.5in (420 mm) x 16.5in (420mm) x 12in (300mm)
Volume: 1.34 cubic feet (38 litres)
Weight: 8 lbs (3.7kg)

Measurements: 15in (380 mm) x 15in (380mm) x 12in (300mm)
Volume: 1.13 cubic feet (32 litres)
Weight: 7.5 lbs (3.4kg)

How to put your NHG on your helmet?

The Neoprene Helmet Glove is specifically designed to fit most adult ski helmets which means that there is a “front” and a “back”.To ensure that the NHG fits your helmet correctly, the logo goes at the front of the helmet. To put it on, just hold the front of the NHG at the front of the helmet, and then stretch it across to the back. If the Helmet Glove is a little tight to begin with, it will, in time, stretch a little to take on the shape of the helmet.

Why is there a webbed loop on the front and back of the NHG?

The black, red and blue/grey NHG have two loops – one in the front and one in the back. If you want to attach your helmet to a backpack or other carrying device but not want it “dangling” from one loop, you can thread another carabiner through the second loop to more securely attach the helmet to your backpack.

However, if you only need one loop and the one in the front annoys you or you don’t need it, rather than cut it off, just put one stitch in it with black cotton in it to hold it back.

How do I wear my goggles with the NHG?

Once the NHG is fitted over your helmet, just put the goggles over the NHG. The neoprene keeps the goggles securely in place and if you like to put your goggles on top of the helmet when you’re not skiing, the goggles will stay put and not slide over your helmet as can sometimes happen.

Is the NHG a safety device?

No. The NHG is purely a cover for your helmet. Your helmet should be checked before and after use for damage

Will the NHG keep my head warm?

Yes, it will keep your head warmer and it will keep your helmet and head dry on wet or snowy days. More importantly, the NHG will keep the cold “out”. On a warmer day, you can still wear it with the vents of your helmet open, as the NHG is breathable.

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